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SEO Hero Stories

Wix SEO works. Meet Wix website owners who have made it BIG on Google. Discover how to be an SEO Hero and learn the secrets behind their SEO success!

SEO Hero
Real SEO Heroes

Recycle Across America is on a mission to standardize recycling labels in America, but they needed SEO to get the message out. Here’s how they did it.

Brandon Zavala is the SEO hero behind Apollo Peak, makers of dog and cat wine. In 18 months, they have soared to success and the top of SERPs

Timothy Wood owns Magical Alley, a successful online store specializing in magic wands. He mastered SEO so magic fans across the world can find his site.

Joey Delapp of Premier Portable Buildings has used organic SEO to boost his online business by 500%. Meet this SEO Hero and learn how he did it!

Recycle Across America is on a mission. The goal: standardize recycling labels in America. But in order to do it, they needed SEO to get the message out there.

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SEO Hero Contest

As you may have heard, Wix is holding an SEO contest.  The goal? To build a website that shows up  first on Google for the keyword “SEO Hero” by March 16, 2017. The prize? $50,000.

The ulterior motive To show that Wix SEO works!

We figure, if we want to prove that Wix has what a business owner needs to rank first on Google,

why not talk to business owners themselves? So we hit the pavement and interviewed dozens of

small businesses who are kicking some serious SEO butt with their Wix websites.

Want to explore more about the SEO Hero world? Meet Fishkin's SEO Hero team today! 

Real SEO Heroes

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