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It worked like magic!

As Timothy Wood, the owner of Magical Alley told us, “I got on page one on Google without spending a fortune!” When Timothy created the Magical Alley website two years ago and began promoting it using SEO, he never imaged he would see results so quickly. Even for a man who loves magic and Harry Potter, his SEO achievements seemed nothing short of supernatural.

But Who is Timothy Wood?

Timothy Wood is the master craftsman and SEO Hero behind the booming business and website, Magical Alley. He started the company 13 years ago and began selling online since 2015. What’s his speciality? Magic wands!

It’s true! Magical Alley sells custom made, masterfully designed magic wands, many of which are inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies. Turns out, this is one remarkably popular niche! He has been able to promote his website successfully on Google and today sells hundreds of custom made, hand crafted magic wands through his ecommerce website.

Who Shops at Magical Alley?

Magical Alley is exactly the kind of business that can explode online. While there may be a limited number of Harry Potter and magic fans in a given geographic location, in a global market, the potential is enormous. Timothy has discovered that there are countless Harry Potter fans, magical practitioners and cosplayers who are interested in his handcrafted wands. His target market is made up of a large group of people who will truly value and be excited about the products he offers.

Timothy told us a bit about what sets Magical Alley apart. “We have a concept called “build a wand” where potential customers can create their very own wand by selecting many different styles of wood types, handles and shafts, so they can build something very unique.” Thanks to the wonders of the Internet and Timothy’s SEO know-how, there are now dozens of people coming to Magical Alley each day! Timothy checks his rankings daily and is happy with what he sees, saying “I think my site holds up quite well with my competitors.”

How did Timothy Promote His Online Wand Shop?

Timothy has spent more than two decades mastering his skills as a wood craftsman, but he is relatively new to the SEO scene. When he set up his website and starting learning about SEO, he thought that it would take a long time to get to the top of Google. By taking advantage of the tools and tutorials offered by Wix, he quickly learned the basics and his traffic quickly began to increase. Thrilled with his ability to promote his own website, he told us, “My business has grown to an extent that I never thought possible! Thanks to my site, I'm able to connect with my target audience and turn website hits into sales.”

Meet Timothy Wood,

SEO Hero and Magician at Magical Alley

“My business has grown to an extent that I never thought possible! Thanks to my site, I'm able to connect with my target audience and turn website hits into sales.”

What’s Timothy’s Magical SEO Approach?

Timothy takes care of the SEO on his own. He took advantage of Wix SEO Settings, the Wix SEO WIzard and the Site Booster app. With the help of Google AdWords, Timothy chose target keywords including magic wands, custom magic wands, Harry Potter style magic wands. Pottermore wands, handmade wooden magic wands. Today, the site is ranking high on the first SERP for: pottermore wands, magic wands and custom wands.


Timothy continually receives great feedback about his website and his product. He told us that magic fans love his site and “think it's very cool & easy to navigate.”

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