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Helping their baby fall asleep can be one the greatest challenges that new parents face. And no one gets this more than Kevin Hale. In fact, he founded his business, Fade Away Sleep Sounds, to help parents like himself who struggle to help their children drift off into la la land.


In his own words, “As a parent of two little boys, I’m all too familiar with that desperate, sleep deprived feeling every parent gets when trying to put down your crying, inconsolable newborn.” Kevin found that white noise worked best of all for his own children. From the sound of running water to the roar of the vacuum cleaner, constant background noise seemed to have a magical effect. So he created Fade Away Sleep Sounds, a musical collection that includes white noise proven to lull babies to sleep, like nature sounds and the whir of common household appliances.


Creating the soundtrack was only the first step, however. Next, Kevin had to market it! So Kevin did the smart thing and created a website, on Wix of course. But to bring sleepy parents to his beautiful website, Kevin needed to invest in some good ol’ SEO.

Kevin’s Approach to SEO

To succeed, Kevin needed to tap into a specific niche audience made up of parents of young babies. While his product can be useful to pretty much anyone in need of sleep and relaxation, his core target market is parents of infants. He selected keywords including baby sleep sounds, nature sleep sounds and sleep sounds. Then, he started using these words throughout the content on his site, in his alt text, page titles and fresh content on his blog. He also reached out to other bloggers and invited them to review his product and write about them on their sites.

SEO Success

It worked! Kevin told us that, “by sticking with that plan and staying painfully consistent, my website which never ranked AT ALL in keyword searches, rocketed up to Google's front page within three months!”


Since Kevin started promoting his site through organic SEO, his exposure and traffic have steadily increased. Impressions alone have jumped from about 10 a day to 300-600 a day and his website began to rank for many relevant terms including baby sleep sounds, nature sleep sounds and even sleep sounds.  

Kevin told us, “Thanks to SEO, the key terms and phrases we've identified to promote my site have caused it to show up on the first page of Google's search results!” Today people are finding out about Fade Away Sleep Sounds on Google, via social media and through word of mouth.

Why He Loves Wix:

Kevin is thrilled to be on the first page of Google and couldn’t be happier with the look of his site. He describes his Wix websites as “clean and easy to navigate.” Creating a website on Wix has been instrumental to the success of Fade Away Sleep Sounds.


Kevin had previously tried building a website on another platform, but he said that “before I moved over to Wix, I had a very boring and bland looking site that no one was seeing. It wasn't ranking in any searches and I really didn't have any strategy behind it. It wasn't until I started using Wix that I began to understand how important the tools are that Wix provides and how effective they can be when used properly and by having good strategy for getting your site discovered.”


Kevin is thrilled to be an SEO hero. “I never thought that would be possible!  It's every small business owner’s dream to achieve this, and I was ecstatic with the results.”

“For a business whose entire staff can comfortably fit on a unicycle [SEO] results like this was only something I could dream of before."

Meet Kevin,

a Real Wix SEO Hero and Founder of Fade Away Sleep Sounds

“Thanks to SEO, the Key Terms and Phrases We've Identified to Promote My Site Now Show Up On the First Page of Google's Search Results!”

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