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Looking for a Cane Corso purebred puppy? Then arriving on Black Pearl’s website is like landing a hole in one. The Wix site is dedicated to teaching people everything they could ever need or want to know about Cane Corso puppies — and they’re ranking first for key terms including Cane Corso puppies, Cane Corso for sale and Cane Corso puppies for sale.

The website is a hub for people who love, care about, own or want to own Cane Corsos. If you aren’t already a fan of these beautiful canines, you’ll fall in love after reading about this strong, healthy, Italian breed of dogs that are huggable in all their shades of red, black and brindle.

The SEO Hero Behind the Biz: Ayalla Ruvio

Black Pearl owners Ayalla and Erez Ruvio hail from Williamston, Michigan. We spoke with Ayalla about her website and how she has been so successful at promoting her business on search engines. While Ayalla is not an SEO expert, she is definitely an SEO Hero! In fact, with the help of Wix she has been able to do all of the SEO work herself and Black Pearl has easily become a high-ranking website on Google for its target audience of Cane Corso buyers.

What Sets Black Pearl Apart?

We asked Ayalla what she thinks sets her company apart. Much of their success, it seems, is due to the fact that they have created a hub for the Cane Corso community. Because while you can buy Cane Corso dogs from Black Pearl, owners Ayalla and Erez wanted to offer the breeding community far more than just a place to buy these adorable puppies.


According to Ayalla, “our website provides a wide range of information to help buyers with their decision process prior to purchasing a puppy, and once they have it (how to raise the puppy etc.), they often return to it over and over again to get answers to their questions. So, our added value is over and above just trying to "score a sell."”


“In addition, many of the people who contact us mention that it is clear from our website that we care deeply about our dogs and about the breed. Many owners are looking for breeders who are truly emotionally invested in their dogs and in the breed. Finally, our website does not promote us as "the best" breeders out there. It's devoted to our owners and showcasing their achievements and activities with their Corsos. That makes us aspirational breeders to those who wish to enjoy their Corsos in the same way our current owners do.”

Ayalla’s Approach to SEO

Ayalla started on her journey to becoming an SEO hero by first selecting key terms to target. Her target keywords include: Cane Corso breeder/s, Cane Corso kennel, Cane Corso puppies for sale, Cane Corso puppy, Cane Corso Champion, Black Cane Corso and Blue Cane Corso.

She has used the many tools that Wix offers to help customers with their SEO including our SEO Wizard, our customizable SEO Settings and our Site Booster app. She also uses the target keywords throughout the content on her site, updates her website regularly and has reached out to other websites for backlinks.

The SEO Hero Secret to Success

Ayalla thinks that the pictures on the site and Black Pearl’s personal approach have contributed significantly to her success. “I have a lot of pictures,” she says. “I made my website an information hub.” It works: one of the primary ways that Black Pearl gets new business is through search engines!

Why Ayalla Loves Wix

Through her experience with Wix, Ayalla has learned how simple it is to optimize your website. She said, “I think that SEO is really easy to implement once you know what you are doing. Wix certainly makes it easier to implement. I get many positive responses about the quality of the website, and depth and the breadth of information provided and the emotional connection people have with the breed and my brand once visiting my website.”

She is also proud that, because of her SEO success, her website is helping prospective buyers can get the information they need to make educated choices, even if they don’t end up buying a Cane Corso puppy!

Meet Ayalla,

a Real Wix SEO Hero and Founder of Black Pearl Cane Corso

“Wix Certainly Makes SEO Easier to Implement!”

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