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The staff of Panty Prop understands a little bit about what it means to be a woman. And owner Crystal Etienne has made a successful business from helping women with some of their most intimate problems. Their self-professed goal is to “help everyone feel wonderful all day long.”


The online panty store sells several lines of specialized undergarments for women including period panties, swimsuits for “your time of the month” and sanitary pad underwear. While some women might find these topics hard to talk about, Panty Prop is delivering real solutions to women everywhere. With the help of Wix SEO, Panty Prop has grown in 13 months to a $3 million business!

The online marketplace is perfect for a business like panty prop. Items such as “incontinence underwear” that might be embarrassing to purchase in person can discretely be bought with the click of a mouse. It’s no wonder that Panty Prop’s online store has been so successful!

The SEO Hero Behind the Biz: Crystal Etienne

CEO Crystal Etienne started Panty Prop a bit over a year ago after struggling herself with the discomforts of traditional sanitary pads. She believes that women deserve more options and shouldn’t have to struggle through the day feeling uncomfortable, nervous or ashamed because of their struggles with incontinence or heavy periods. Her beautiful website spreads a message of pride and confidence. She shows a picture of a mom and daughter pair, modeling her products and proudly claiming “I create life!” and “I am positive.”

Here’s What We Learned:

Crystal is a real SEO Hero! On a small budget, Panty Prop has succeeded at climbing the ranks of Google. According to Crystal, “We have managed with a very small bootstrapped budget to become the 2nd highest rated in our SEO performance of major keywords and organic links.”


She feels they have been incredibly successful even against competitors with far larger budgets. Regarding her enormous amount of organic traffic, Crystal told us, “even if I were to stop advertising tomorrow I would be fine! I get so much organic traffic.”


Her blog, in particular, has been ranking very well and her posts about swimming with your period and how to put on a pad have been bringing in a huge percentage of her visitors. All this, for a small-budget business that has been around for only a bit over a year!

Crystal’s Approach to SEO

Panty Props has done all the SEO work themselves, without any assistance from an SEO expert. Their target keywords include period panties, period underwear, first periods and leak-proof underwear and they are ranking very well for the popular query: can you swim on your period.


To successfully promote Panty Prop on Google and other search engines, Crystal has used Wix’s SEO Wizard and Site Booster app, sprinkled her target keywords throughout her website, kept a regular blog and consistently created fresh content. She wrote SEO-optimized titles and descriptions for her site and updated images with alt text.  


The good news is — her efforts have worked! People are coming in droves to her website from search engines and popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Her SEO Hero Secret to Success

Crystal feels their success is about educating her consumers and providing a fantastic, unique product. She wants to be the best at helping her customers find the information they need. She admitted that SEO was scary at first, “but fast forward to a months later, it has become a great way to build brand awareness through information and educating our consumers. SEO helped us become very responsive once we focused more on consumer awareness rather than just making a sale.”

Why She Loves Wix

Crystal is a dedicated reader of the Wix Support center. Everything she learned about SEO, she learned from Wix! She told us that our SEO advice worked in just a few months!  “I followed your instructions from December to March. I did everything you recommended and it works!

Crystal has been extremely happy with Wix, both because her SEO success and the beautiful design of her site. She is thankful for all her company has achieved with SEO in a short amount of time and loves feeling like she has done a good job with SEO.


A Professional Looking Website

Regarding her website, Crystal told us, “when people find out it was designed in-house they are shocked! They think a web designer assisted, but with Wix designs and tools it has helped greatly to achieve this on a very small in-house budget, so funds can be used elsewhere.”


Crystal first felt that SEO might be too complex or a waste of time, but she is happy to have been proven wrong! She was happily surprised to learn that being an SEO Hero isn’t that hard at all and told us, “Figuring out how easy Wix makes it to do on your own. I read, researched, and followed all the advice of Wix forums and customer service, and it has really helped.”

Meet Crystal,

A Real Wix SEO Hero and Founder of Panty Prop

“Wix SEO Helped Me Build My $3 Million Business!”

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