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If you’re looking for storage space, a backyard shed or a small garage, you’ll probably be pretty pleased to find yourself on the Premier Portable Buildings website. The family-owned company has been in business for 16 years and prides itself on selling the highest quality portable buildings. A company that holds the values of responsibility, excellence and community close to its heart, Premier Portable Buildings has become a nationally successful business with the help of Wix.

What is Premier Portable Buildings?

It may sound like a small niche, but the truth is that portable buildings are pretty essential to the American lifestyle. Nearly every family with a backyard is looking for a place to store their stuff. From tricycles and lawnmowers to fishing supplies and sporting gear, a portable building has countless uses. Farmers, hunters and fisherman all need these little habitats!

With a target market consisting of men and women of all ages, Premier Portable Buildings sells a variety of small buildings including storage, hunting and fishing cabins, tool sheds, portable garages and even small cabins for camping. Each building is made using skilled Mennonite craftsmanship and the company proudly proclaims that they adhere to the highest environmental, ethical and professional standards.

How Did Premier Portable Buildings Build Success?

Premier Portable Buildings began in 2001 but they took their business online just3 years ago in 2014. Today, most of their business comes through their website. While they do have many competitors, their ability to rank well on Google has made all the difference in their bottom line. We spoke with Joey Delapp about Premier’s SEO success. He told us, “SEO is the primary way that Premier Buildings gets new business and we have witnessed a 500% growth in the last two years!” In fact, according to Joey they are consistently outranking the competition in relevant searches!

Why is Joey an SEO Hero?

Given their success on Google, it’s not surprising that Joey says his experience with SEO has been “Excellent.” He does the SEO all by himself. He learned the tricks of the trade and is now reaping the sweet rewards! He is a real, homegrown SEO Hero and he has taught himself how to get the most of his website, his keywords and SEO! Today, Joey is thrilled with the results and says he is continually attracting customers through search engines, social media and by word of mouth.

Joey does his own keyword research and is currently targeting “portable buildings.” He optimized his content, created a mobile-friendly version of his site and wrote optimized page titles and descriptions. Joey keeps close track of the results, monitoring his rankings each week. He has taken advantage of Wix SEO tools and uses keywords throughout his site. He also submitted the website to popular online directories.

Meet Joey Delapp,

the SEO Hero Behind Premier Portable Buildings

“We’ve Grown Over 500% in Two Years!”

What Do Joey’s Customers Say?

Thanks to Joey’s hard work, Wix’s great platform and the wonders of Google, it’s pretty easy for relevant customers to find their way to the Premier Portable Buildings website. (The site ranks in the top 5 results for portable buildings, rent to own sheds and portable sheds.)  Once they find the site, Joey’s customers tell him that they “love the layout and look!” Joey’s thrilled to hear it, of course, and even more thrilled at how much a little bit of SEO can go a long way. He told he never expected that SEO would create such a significant boost in traffic to his site!

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