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When Geydi Morena started her fitness studio in 2015, she wanted to create a place that set itself apart. She envisioned Finer Studio as a haven in the East Bronx where diverse groups of people could come together to achieve a common goal - a healthier lifestyle.


Looking back over the two years, it’s clear that Geydi has succeeded. Finer Studio offers a wide variety of classes and caters to all kinds of clientele. Geydi told us that her business is “not like other fitness studios. Our studio has the most minorities and people of all body types; blacks, hispanics, whites, skinny people, plus size people; we all come together and create the coolest environment ever.”


The studio offers yoga, pilates, zumba, abs workouts and more. The typical members are people who love fitness and hate the gym. They are looking for a way to have fun while they work out and Finer Studio fits the bill!


In addition to setting themselves apart as a workout facility, owner Geydi Moreno has also set herself apart as an SEO Hero. Here’s How:

Why Geydi is an SEO Hero

One of the main ways that people hear about Finer Studio is through organic searches on Google and the business attracts a huge percentage of their business through their Wix website. While initially Geydi was skeptical about SEO and thought it might be too expensive or too complicated, she is now a diehard fan. By working together with an SEO agency, she has pushed her site to the top of relevant SERPs.


In order to succeed at SEO, Finer Studio identified target keywords and optimized her site for those terms, adding keywords to her page titles and descriptions and optimizing her URLs. She took advantage of Wix’s SEO tools, used the Site Booster app and submitted the site to many online directories. Plus, Geydi is also continually adding new content to her site. The efforts have paid off big time!

SEO Super Hero Style Results

Geydi’s SEO success has been explosive for Finer Studio: “We are leaving our competitors behind. Only a big franchise like Bikhram Yoga is ahead of us and everyday we rank better and better.” In fact, Finer Studio’s conversions have increased by 300%, their clients have tripled and they are getting exponentially more phone calls each day!


For Finer Studio, a strong performance in SEO translates directly into more members. As Geydi explained, “SEO is a life saver! We get a lot of phone calls from people saying they found us on Google. People trust us more because if Google trusts us to be on the first page, they trust us too!” The site is now ranking for many terms including yoga in the Bronx, Bronx yoga, yoga classes Bronx, Zumba Bronx NY and more.


Best of all, it didn’t take long for Finer Studio to optimize their site. Geydi was impressed with how fast it worked, saying, “I thought it would take 2 more years to get ranking in Google like that. I never expected to be the second option in search engines right under Bikhram Yoga, and so fast!”

Why Geydi Chose Wix

When Geydi created her website in 2015, she wanted to be able to easily create a beautiful website where visitors could find out information about the studio, contact her easily and sign up for classes. Today, fitness fans are streaming into the Finer Studio site from Google, from online directories and from the recommendations of friends. Geydi regularly gets compliments from customers who love the website. She is a big fan of the Wix Bookings app, which lets people sign up for classes straight from the website.

Meet Geydi Moreno,

a Fitness Maven, Owner of Finer Studio and an SEO Hero…

“I used to get 5 phone calls a week and now I'm getting 10 calls a day.”

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