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When Boyce Equipment began over 50 years ago, the family-run business didn’t have to think about SEO, online marketing or even creating a website. But the Utah-based company has done a fantastic job adapting to the times and today boasts the online presence of a true SEO Hero — one that would make their current owner, Mark Boyce and his parents proud!


Boyce Equipment sells military trucks, truck parts and other related accessories. They sell to customers worldwide, helping provide essential equipment for construction, mining and more. Boyce sells recreational vehicles, monster truck and heavy-duty civilian equipment such as rock-crawlers, winches and truck tires.

The SEO Hero Behind the Biz: Dallas Boyce

Dallas Boyce, who manages the company’s marketing and sales as well as the website, has strategically pushed his business to the top of Google SERPs. He has built an extensive Wix website with many inner pages. The site provides potential customers with enormous amounts of valuable information about all of the products they sell. According to Dallas, they have been able to lead the market because they are family-owned and oriented. “We feel that our customer service sets us apart from our competitors.”

Their website also includes tons of product images and a blog that is updated several times each month. The blogs provide comprehensive details about their products and are written with their target audience in mind.

Dallas’s Approach to SEO

In order to succeed at SEO, Dallas has enlisted some help from an SEO agency, targeting keywords relevant to military trucks and surplus. He also took advantage of Wix SEO tools including the SEO Wizard and the Wix Site Booster App and is keeping his blog fresh and up to date.

The SEO Hero Secret to Success

Dallas and his family are thrilled with the results of their SEO efforts. He told us that “having a small business that is growing and has been around for over 50 years sets us apart from a lot of competitors. Demonstrating the growth and appearance of our company through SEO can truly show what we are about. Our company has had to do a lot of adjusting throughout the years. When the web made their introduction to the world, we like everyone else had to direct our attention to the World Wide Web. Building a website and tweaking it over the years gives our audience a look into our business. Marketing our business organically was the first step.”

“SEO works!” - Dallas Boyce

While Dallas at first thought that SEO was a waste of time and money, he has been happy to see how easy, effective and quick the results have been. “I think the most surprising thing about SEO is how it all works. If you put out a great product for whatever market you're in and do all the basics like setting up a quality website that is user-friendly, diligently-optimized and managed often — then everything will take care of itself.”


Why Dallas Loves Wix

“I built my website from scratch with the help of Wix and it was a breeze!” Dallas has been very happy working with Wix, not only because of his SEO success but because of how easy it is to use the platform. Plus - his customers love how website looks! Dallas told us that the company receives a lot of compliments about the website’s layout as well, and that people appreciate the pictures which demonstrate what they do.

Dallas says that Wix “has been awesome for business. We are in a time of history where everything is done online. When you market your business the right way, you're going to stay busy and successful. I love knowing that everyone can find us!”.

Meet Dallas,

a Real Wix SEO Hero at Boyce Equipment

“I Love Knowing That Everyone Can Find Us!”

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