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Patrick Campbell has been involved with the beer industry for over 13 years so it’s no wonder that he’s been integral in helping The Beer Junction find success online. As the store manager and self-proclaimed IT guru for the Seattle-based bottle shop and craft beer bar, Patrick has helped the company grow into a market leader.

Beer Heaven

The Beer Junction is a craft beer bar and bottle shop located in West Seattle. Founded in 2010, the store sells over 1,300 domestic and imported beers from near and far. Their taps pour a rotating variety of more than 35 brews as well as ciders, mead. In other words, The Beer Junction is a beer-lovers paradise.

Becoming the Go To Spot for Beer Lovers

For people who love beer, finding The Beer Junction on Google is like hitting the jackpot. Luckily, Patrick’s hard work and Wix SEO have made the website easy to find online! As Patrick describes it, “We are SEO'd to the hilt. I wanted our site to be the first for common beer inquiries, and make it easy to find us no matter where the user was located. Our site performance is definitely among the highest in the industry.”

Becoming an SEO Hero: How Patrick Created an SEO Sensation

Patrick first built the website for The Beer Junction back in 2013. He has succeeded in topping Google SERPs for terms including keg prices, how much does a keg cost and how much is a keg of beer. He did the keyword research all on his own by looking up common industry phrases and noticing where the results were pointing. Patrick told us that he is targeting a variety of keywords relevant to Seattle, craft beer, cider and local beer.


Patrick uses his target phrases naturally throughout the website and optimized his titles, descriptions, image alt text and more. He keeps careful track of his traffic, subscribers and conversion rates and is thrilled with the results. Patrick’s SEO efforts have paid off! He loves feeling like “everyone can find us” and he is amazed at how frequently he receives inquiries from overseas.

Why Patrick Loves Wix

For The Beer Junction, having an SEO-optimized website has been integral in building their business online. As Patrick explains it, “The website is the front line for customer service and we have built ours to provide exactly what the customer needs within a few clicks. With that, the website has been a big bump for our online presence.”

The Beer Junction’s customers love the website too. Patrick says they are “pleased with how up-to-date we are with our content.” He told u that customers are finding the website through search, social media and by word of mouth.

Meet Patrick,

Manager of The Beer Junction and SEO Hero

“We’re SEO-ed to the hilt! Our site performance is among the highest in the industry.”

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